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Inspire your employees to be better leaders and change-makers with my highly interactive presentation on the power of business communication skills.

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This isn’t your typical communication training for managers. Let's arm your leaders and team members with game-changing speaking skills to boost results.

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I can help you achieve your goals whether you’re craving a new career, sharper leadership skills or a blueprint for achieving your dreams.

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Why hire Nancy?

Speaker • Coach • Author

I demonstrate how business communication skills can make us better at work and in life by facilitating workshops and speaking engagements for corporate groups, and one-on-one personal and executive coaching. My communication training for managers is my bread and butter but I enjoy all aspects of my job equally. Here’s the stuff I think is important: I’ve

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Now an Internationally Bestselling Author

The Happy Place book cover

I wrote The Happy Place to offer people a blueprint for living a life connected to their true values.

Through real-life stories and experiences, combined with powerful Co-active Coaching principles and exercises, you’ll embark on a journey of re-engaging with what’s important to you.

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Weight Loss G Spot book cover

A friend asked if I’d co-write a book with her: she brought her nutrition expertise, I brought the coaching, and we had a little fun with the title.

What woman doesn’t want to know how to lose weight AND have better sex?! Your Weight Loss G-Spot is different from diets because it doesn’t tell you what to do.

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Work With Nancy

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Companies want results yet team members routinely stall those gains by unknowingly communicating in a way that creates conflict instead of progress.

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I run highly interactive sessions customized to each company’s unique situation and learning objectives.

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Employees & leaders become immediately more effective at listening, responding, asking and sharing.

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I help my clients set personal and professional goals to live the life they want.

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I’ve been told that working with me is somewhere between getting a jolt from a defibrillator and being hit with a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Contact Nancy today to start working smarter and living better.


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Dec 6 2017

Want to change your impression – Slow down asking why.

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication, Living Fundamentals

For years now, when teaching participants how to better connect with the person they are speaking with, I describe the three different types of questions you can use (closed, open, connecting) and what makes connecting more impactful.   While a closed-ended question is fact confirming (often gives you a one word answer and is great

Nov 21 2017

Thank you Velveteen Rabbit

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals

Oct 31 2017

Relationship Health & Sexuality

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication

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