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Here’s a must watch, four-minute video.

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In this insightful and succinct Kellogg Insight video,  speaker, Carter Cast shares the five key derailers that impact the progress of you and your team members.  My suggestion is that you have a pen and paper to make a list for yourself while you’re watching it. Record the list of skills that he details.

After you watch the video, I challenge you to self-assess each of the behaviours you captured, by giving yourself a rating out of 10 for consistently owning each skill.  1 for low, 10 for high.

In my opinion, anything below an 8 may flag an immediate need for you + your team.

These skills are performance skills.  The good news, these skills are coach-able.  You can have above average IQ yet without performance skills, you will only get so far in leadership, which can have a direct impact on your team and your own results.

What is needed is the motivation to make the change.  This must come from within.


If you or a leader on your team has the self-awareness and motivation to improve any of your self-assessed skill scores, this is where an accredited coach like me can help.


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