At the library before a recent trip, I picked up the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. You need to hear about this book.  Today.


If you’re in my village, you know I’m a pretty motivated, make things happen type of gal.  I’m consistent with my workouts, I create and execute goals, and I’m good for my word and then some.


Hal’s book speaks to the belief that how you start your day plays a huge role on the quality of your day, your life, and how you take on your work load.  Hal’s approach gives you a daily routine to own; to make your day, yours.


I started Hal’s daily ritual March 21st.

Timing has been spot on with COVID self-isolation.

I have an Account-abuddy. We text each other about TMM every morning, confirming we’ve got it done.

This has helped because as Hal explains in his book, there are three phases to the program, which represent how you literally will respond to TMM ritual.

Phase 1 (day 1-10) Unbearable

Phase 2 (day 11-20) Uncomfortable

Phase 3 (21-31) Unstoppable


We, the humans, are creatures of habit.  With the global COVID realities right now, individuals are responding differently from a coping standpoint.  No way is “wrong”, simply – we’re all learning as we go.  For me, The Miracle Morning is giving me some additional structure, that is helping me focus on first BEing (aka giving to myself), then I can move into DOing & productivity.


The six pieces of The Miracle Morning follow an acronym SAVERS, which Hal calls

Life S.A.V.E.R.S

Silence (Meditation) (5 mins)

Affirmations (5 mins)

Visualization (5 mins)

Exercise (20 mins)

Reading (20 mins)

Scribing (Journaling) (5 mins)


You’ll see suggested timing beside each of the 6 ritual areas. If this is all new to you, imagine taking on a full hour – too much in my opinion.  So, Self-kindness time. 1 minute per section is better than no time. Be realistic and create your how to do this plan. My initial timing was:

Silence (Meditation) (6 mins)

Affirmations (3 mins)

Visualization (3 mins)

Exercise (5 mins specific exercises, then complete my already planned workout program)

Reading (0 mins)

Scribing (Journaling) (4 mins)

This has improved for me every couple days.  My affirmations have already evolved and, I look forward to journaling.  This is huge for me.


Hal’s book is an easy read with lots of tips and ideas to make the program work for you.

His website has lots of resources for you to make this happen  for yourself.

He’s created The Miracle Morning Community that has 249, 345 followers.  That’s a pretty awesome sized village, especially at a time like this.


If you’re looking for some structure in your day, some anchoring, or a way to (re) connect with your own goals – this book and routine is worth considering.


Wishing you good health and self kindness xo