Confession: This quote I’m about to share I have no history on.  I read it once on social media and took a screen shot of it.  In the last month, I’ve read it three times.  Three times typically suggests to me, “share this with more people”.  So here I am ;0)

I’ve looked the quote up, online and have not been successful with finding a source or reference point.  If you know it, please share so I can reference it appropriately.


“Healing isn’t just about moving forward. It’s also about resisting the urge to become hard to the world – consciously choosing to be vulnerable and open. Being willing to break wide open, again and again.”


When I started my separation and divorce journey, I learned about and took on vulnerability in a new (to me) way.  Vulnerability (now) means to me:

  • Putting yourself out there

  • Trying new things

  • Getting uncomfortable

  • Taking risks

  • Understanding the difference between real fear and the fear you (we all) make up in our heads (F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real)

  • Having the courage to lose


This healing quote represents a healthy heal to me.  Linking the visual to a physical wound, a not-so-healthy heal could be a scar tissue clump, discolouration, a slight limp, a change in shape/colour/mobility, etc.  A healthy heal means I’m fully functioning, ready for round two.


Regardless of the size of what you’re healing from, consider this quote and how to fully apply it.


We need you “healthy healed’.

More importantly, you need you “healthy healed”.