Oct 17 2018

Building Relationship Tip: The Emotional Bank Account

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After an experience I had yesterday thought it was worth visiting this…   As we all know, relationships are two way.  Two people are involved and for it to be a healthy relationship both parties need to be giving sometimes and receiving at other times.  Every interaction may have a different combination of giving and

Sep 25 2018

Be the Example

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  Eight years ago, when the two monkeys I live with were just 4 and 5 years old, we started a Food Drive in our neighbourhood.  By started I mean, we are the food drive.  The three of us go door –to – door asking for non- perishable food donations.   When my youngest was

Sep 19 2018

How about WINNING at the finish Line!

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The first time-management course I participated in was 20ish years ago.  I was working at an amazing company (then called S&MG, now called Mosaic Group) that consistently held in-house courses and seminars to improve employee performance skills. In this time-management session, adapted from the writings of Stephen Covey, we were asked to consider what we

Sep 11 2018

Building Inner Strength

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I’ve been doing some self-improvement work over the last 10 months.  HA! Let me rephrase and share that I’ve been at this the last 30ish years of my life, the focus has just been a tad more intense the last 10 months.   Something I continue to strive for, because I value it greatly, is inner

Sep 1 2018

Biggest Life Regret

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“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Through her years in the role of Palliative Care Nurse, Bonnie Ware captured the regrets  patients shared with her, in the final weeks of their lives.  The number one regret heard:   “I wish I’d