Jul 17 2018

Own what you can Control

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  The quote is brilliant and bang on, in my opinion. If you have only read it once, please start again from the top.  Let it sink in until you feel it.   Grab a pen and paper (because doing it “just in your head” won’t give you the traction you come to our blog

Jul 4 2018

Right or Happy?

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Three times in the last two weeks I have heard or read something about “right” and “happy”.  For me, three times says to me “This is for you Nancy” so here I am sharing the three variations ;0)   Be right or Be happy.   Would you prefer right or happy?   What’s more important:

Jun 27 2018

Graduation and the Gift of Acknowledgement

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I have two sons.  My eldest son has his grade 8 graduation Tuesday night. About 10 days ago he had decided he wanted to wear black dress pants with a white dress shirt and a black tie.  So we hit the shopping mall to find this outfit for him. In the one and only store we

Jun 20 2018

The Gift of Camp

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Last weekend I went to camp. This is not what I call my chalet, summer home, lake house or cottage. I went to “real” adult summer camp.   Four years ago I went for my first time.  I was relatively new to tennis and wanted some concentrated coaching on my game while having fun with

Jun 13 2018

You Won’t Know if you Don’t Try

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When my boys were babies and I was toying with going back to out-of-the-house work, I took on non-fictional reading.  I thought it would help get my head back into the work game. It’s not something I was ever strong in; much preferring the fictional, let me lose myself in a great story reading. Over