I’m half way through Tasha Eurich’s book, Insight.  The tag line reads “Why we’re not as self-aware as we think, and how seeing ourselves clearly helps us succeed at work and in life.”.


This book was chosen for our latest book club read.  I’ve had a slow start which I’ve been attempting to turn around in the last 48 hours.  This has something to do with book club night approaching on Sunday….


Tasha has challenged me to consider that there are two ways to look at self-awareness.  The inside –out (my perception on how/who I am) as well as the outside-in (the way others see me).  For the inside – out view, there are 7 categories to consider.  Seven is more than I realised and this is where Tasha captured my attention (admittedly I struggled through the first 20+ pages of reading).  The seven include an inward understanding of your values, passions, aspirations, ideal environment, patterns, reactions and impact (on others).  Tasha provides assessment tools and insight questions for each of these pillars in the appendix for those of you interested in exploring any of this topics for yourself. There have been some needed learnings for me here.


Furthermore, I just read something that made me put my book down and close my eyes.  I did so because I needed to drink the depth of her statement and what’s here for me.  The statement is:


“It’s far easier to feel wonderful and special than to become wonderful and special.”


Bingo – Bango – Bongo goes the Self Awareness Drum!


Stay here.

Reread Tanya’s statement.

What’s here for you?

What’s the feel part for you?

And how are living the BE-ing part?

The CORE of Emotional Intelligence is ACCURATE self -awareness.  How are you keeping connected to yours, daily?


Today’s yours.

Go for it xo