Jul 16 2017

Option B

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May 10th I blogged a book I had recently heard about titled Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.     I started and finished the book this week. It was that good. It’s a book I recommend for anyone.  Literally. The insights, the how-tos, the connect better as a human being; I feel

Jun 27 2017

Gratitude. 150 years of it

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Canada has a birthday coming up. It’s a big one.  150 years big. And as I think about how fortunate I am to live in a country I have such pride for and love, I think about the importance of feeling gratitude. For those Canadians reading this – Happy Canada Day!  I call you forth

Jun 20 2017


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Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness   Scale of 1 to 10. 1 is low, 10 is high Where do you put yourself for “resiliency”? And what number would best serve you for what’s going on in your life these days?   For myself, I find it interesting where I “have” resilience

Jun 6 2017

Use Neuroscience to turn things around

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Guessing it’s the line of work I am in – I hear more and more about neuroscience and have it on my “continue to learn more about” list. After reading this article, that was reinforced for me. The article, called Neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy, caught my interest because I considered

May 23 2017

Paul Kalanithi, Lucy Kalanithi, Thank you.

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  At some point last year, the book When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi was recommended to me as a ‘good read’.  I’m not sure if I knew the book premise when I pick up my special hold from the library.  I just started reading.  The memoir captures Paul’s experience through his terminal cancer