Dec 20 2017

There’s still time…..

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

Today is December 20th.  With three family member birthdays in December, mine included, plus the regular December Holiday sprint, the focus of what the holidays are about (and what the month can be) can be lost. I realised this Sunday that December wasn’t quite feeling the way I like it feel.  I am glad to

Dec 12 2017

Empathy – always worth looking at new angles

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication, Living Fundamentals

I’ve facilitated more on empathy in the last three years than the last 15.  I’ve got a list of guesses on what’s causing this heightened interest.  It might be better said if I wrote “heightened need” versus interest.  Yep. Heightened need.   Our society continues to thin quality/real connections with others through our growing use

Dec 6 2017

Want to change your impression – Slow down asking why.

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication, Living Fundamentals

For years now, when teaching participants how to better connect with the person they are speaking with, I describe the three different types of questions you can use (closed, open, connecting) and what makes connecting more impactful.   While a closed-ended question is fact confirming (often gives you a one word answer and is great

Nov 21 2017

Thank you Velveteen Rabbit

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals

  Page 46 of the Velveteen Rabbit was shared with me Monday. Thank you Universe for the timing of this.  Amazing how that happens. My reminder of some life goals of mine, through the assistance of The Velveteen Rabbit: Live real Be Loved off Be ugly to only those who don’t understand.   How will