Book RECCO: Some things I’ve applied from reading Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends by Tim Sanders

My Personal Take-Aways & Life Dots Reminders

I’ve bought this book as gifts for a number of people over the last three years. Worth a read.

  • Tim speaks about three Intangibles: leading with knowledge gives you creditability to network which will assist you to reach connections you respect and compassion, showing a true connection to the business.
  • With a focus on developing your knowledge base, focus on the competencies required in your role. Tim refers to the different types of literature out there in consumable categories to illustrate the depth of what you can get from the resource due to amount you’ve read about it; newspaper articles = candy/ soda, magazine articles = snacks, books = diet staples. In other words – you read a book on it, you are going to be much closer to the content then in a news article. (and apply Tim’s 4 step reading program (pg 74) aggregation, encoding, processing & application, guides you through how to stay close to the read content). His recommendation is the 80%/ 20% rule; books vs. other reading. I now use his tips on how to note take within the book’s cover with every read. An example of a tip includes capturing both content (front cover with page references) as well as topic quotes (back cover).
  • Suggests that someday our network will equal our net worth. Look at those most successful around you….yep, it’s pretty clear that networking skills are key in success (which links us to relationships – see Sept 2009 Book Recommendation on The Fred Factor). Although many people complain about “formal network”, once you apply these practises, it quickly becomes habit. Areas to consider include implementing a networking organization system, categorising them, and making them two-way (not only are you looking to network for yourself but, Tim provides a process to assist you in making your network connect to assist each other – see pg 136 – Collecting, connecting & disappearing). Goes back to whole “I’ll wash your back, you wash mine” saying.
  • Compassion resonates with people. It shows your commitment which keeps you focused, will lead you to a better experience & create an experience for those around you that they will remember (for example – think of a presentation that you’ve been to that lacked luster vs one with a passionate facilitator. How did each impact you and why?)
  • Books reading/read is a great conversation item.
  • Create your own loaning library – pass on the “love” as Tim would say (and tips to how to set up your library are included)


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