At a book club meeting, we were discussing themes from our most recent read, The Alchemist. One of the chat topics was “falling down 7 times, and getting up 8 times”.  We pondered, individually, if we have been doing this in our life to date – what it has given us and what it has taken away.


I received amazing individual emails after the evening meeting with group reaching back with more sharing of their personal reflections.


I love how differently people approach ‘living life’ fully. Here’s a collection of the thoughts heard:



Giving things a shot

Trying things on

Taking risks

Loving fully

Putting yourself out there

Reaching for your dreams




Finishing an experience with no regrets

Opportunities captured

Embracing life’s process

Showing up when nothing seems to be in your tank, is strength

Saying no to perfection.


Chose any one approach from the list above. Chose a couple.  Add some of your own.

Any way you chose, take it on fully.


Nothing to lose, lots to gain.

And heck – we’re doing this once, let’s do it our way!