I’ve been doing some self-improvement work over the last 10 months.  HA! Let me rephrase and share that I’ve been at this the last 30ish years of my life, the focus has just been a tad more intense the last 10 months.


Something I continue to strive for, because I value it greatly, is inner strength. Part of my struggle with it, like many of us, is the “self-love/ self-kindness” component of it.  Often, I can easily do for others what I hold back on giving to myself.  Silly, odd, not useful and yet very human of me, I know. As I continue to develop inner strength within me, life gets better.



My 12-year-old son Nate has a beautiful gift of capturing thoughts.  For example, when we share what we’re thankful for around our extended family Thanksgiving dinner table, no one likes to go after Nate because when he shares, the rest of us want to cocoon in his heart-felt thought.


I asked Nate today what Inner Strength meant to him. His answer:

Inner Strength is when your heart knows when to deflect the bad things and absorb the good things.


Perhaps Nate’s definition will support you like it supported me.


“I am in charge of the deflecting and absorbing for my heart.”

Pass it on :0)