Dec 18 2018

Decision Making Made Easy – Template from Author Suzy Welch

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

With 2019 less than 20 days away, I’m aware of individuals considering making changes.  This 2-minute video will walk you through a Decision Making Tool I learned from Suzy Welch in her book 10 -10-10.    Suzy’s tool is one that you can apply to many situations (I haven’t had it not work for one

Dec 12 2018

Four Tips to Make TOUGH Conversations, Easier

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

There can be conversations and then tough conversations. Here are four tips in preparation for the “tough conversations” category. 1) If you’re calling it a tough conversation (or conflict, debate, or triage….) is literally making you feel crummy about what you need to do, call it something different.  You need to change what it feels

Dec 4 2018


posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Working with individuals and corporations to communicate better (what I call Intentional Communication) I spend loads of time helping others develop awareness around listening to and communicating facts and feelings. Many of us through the years attempt mastery of HIDING feelings; sharing as little as possible about the real stuff and keeping our professional/polite/neutral face

Nov 27 2018

Worthiness. Confidence. Figuring it out.

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Worthy.  Worthiness. Such great words.   I was recently visiting a high school friend.  She’s a gal who just “says it straight”.  We were covering lots of topics as we often do and one of our many subjects led her to  blurting “You didn’t think you were worthy, in high school.” She’s right. I wouldn’t

Nov 6 2018

What does YOUR BEST mean?

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals, Self Help

Through reading one of Brene Brown’s books, she taught me something about “my best” that I taught a girlfriend today. Through sharing it with my friend, and her response, my heart suggested it was worth sharing with you. I’d love to tell you which of Brene’s books I learned this from yet, when you have