Feb 6 2018

Hold this Space for me?

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About 10 years ago now I signed up with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) for the 120+ hour training course for my first level of my coach accreditation journey.  A foundational course that continues to be a gift for my career and my life.   Through this training, I learned how to listen at a level

Jan 23 2018

Digital Junkies

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Over the holidays I read a book called UnSelfie,  by Michele Borba.  The book’s focus is Why empathetic kids succeed in our All-About-Me world.  In my opinion Michele has done a solid job capturing key issues of what is impacting our kids emotional intelligence development while sharing great ideas (for all ages) with exercises and

Dec 12 2017

Empathy – always worth looking at new angles

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I’ve facilitated more on empathy in the last three years than the last 15.  I’ve got a list of guesses on what’s causing this heightened interest.  It might be better said if I wrote “heightened need” versus interest.  Yep. Heightened need.   Our society continues to thin quality/real connections with others through our growing use

Dec 6 2017

Want to change your impression – Slow down asking why.

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For years now, when teaching participants how to better connect with the person they are speaking with, I describe the three different types of questions you can use (closed, open, connecting) and what makes connecting more impactful.   While a closed-ended question is fact confirming (often gives you a one word answer and is great