Jun 20 2018

The Gift of Camp

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals

Last weekend I went to camp. This is not what I call my chalet, summer home, lake house or cottage. I went to “real” adult summer camp.   Four years ago I went for my first time.  I was relatively new to tennis and wanted some concentrated coaching on my game while having fun with

Jun 13 2018

You Won’t Know if you Don’t Try

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When my boys were babies and I was toying with going back to out-of-the-house work, I took on non-fictional reading.  I thought it would help get my head back into the work game. It’s not something I was ever strong in; much preferring the fictional, let me lose myself in a great story reading. Over

May 8 2018

I am Worthy of Love and Belonging

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

About every 6 months I watch Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability.  Interesting how much of it I am close to reciting by heart, yet how much I get from it with every viewing.  Today’s Brene gift to all of us: As I continue to learn how to live wholeheartedly and give self kindess and

May 1 2018

Looking to build confidence

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

Looking to build your confidence?   Earlier this year, Mathew Jones wrote the article All Extremely Confident people give up these 13 Habits. In the article he provides a list of these 13 habits and a brief description of each, as well as a solid lead up to the 13 habits that speaks to the

Apr 24 2018

Unreached Goals? Watch this video!

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

As a coach I get asked  to help others reach their goals all the time. There are a couple KEY pieces to the goal that MUST be in place if there is any chance of it happening for you. Here’s a 3 minute video that captures what Matthew Michalewicz taught me in his book called Life