Jan 1 2019

My approach to January 1st

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Since 2013 I have sent an annual blog out somewhere between Dec 26- Jan 3rdsharing my tradition of capturing what’s just been done and what’s ahead.  I call this approach my WOWs and Wants. In this, I record my WOWs for the year I’m just finishing up and my WANTs for the year ahead.  I

Nov 20 2018

A Welcome Perspective on Healing

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Confession: This quote I’m about to share I have no history on.  I read it once on social media and took a screen shot of it.  In the last month, I’ve read it three times.  Three times typically suggests to me, “share this with more people”.  So here I am ;0) I’ve looked the quote

Nov 6 2018

What does YOUR BEST mean?

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Through reading one of Brene Brown’s books, she taught me something about “my best” that I taught a girlfriend today. Through sharing it with my friend, and her response, my heart suggested it was worth sharing with you. I’d love to tell you which of Brene’s books I learned this from yet, when you have

Sep 25 2018

Be the Example

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Eight years ago, when the two monkeys I live with were just 4 and 5 years old, we started a Food Drive in our neighbourhood.  By started I mean, we are the food drive.  The three of us go door –to – door asking for non- perishable food donations.   When my youngest was just

Sep 19 2018

How about WINNING at the finish Line!

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The first time-management course I participated in was 20ish years ago.  I was working at an amazing company (then called S&MG, now called Mosaic Group) that consistently held in-house courses and seminars to improve employee performance skills. In this time-management session, adapted from the writings of Stephen Covey, we were asked to consider what we