Oct 15 2017

Brene Brown continues to call me forth.

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I don’t remember who or how I was introduced to Brene Brown. I love that her work is the number one forwarded email I receive from other people. “Nancy – you’ll love this video” “Have you read this book? It’s changed my life.” “I just watched this video and it made me think of you

Sep 25 2017

Tool or Distraction?

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This week’s post is written by our Guest Blogger and Coach, Kathy Murphy.  What she has captured here (and has challenged me on) is something I believe is worth the share and consideration by you.  Enjoy the read. And Kathy – thanks for your go ahead to post your work!   Recently I read Amy

Aug 22 2017

Our Reason for Gratitude Continues…

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Last Tuesday I posted a blog on Daily Gratitude and Forgiveness.  Last Wednesday, while reading The Beauty of Discomfort by Amanda Lang, I learned even more reasons to practise both gratitude and forgiveness.  To reinforce what I shared last week, Amanda has reminded me:   -That our mindset dramatically influences how we respond to a

Aug 15 2017

Practise Daily Gratitude & Forgiveness

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Sounds easy enough: Practise daily gratitude & forgiveness Yet are you consciously doing it?  If yes Ta-DA to you! If no, this blog is for you.   Let’s start with gratitude.  I now practise gratitude in a couple ways (and please use the comment section of this blog to share other ideas with me to