This past Monday we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada.  Typically, you group with family or friends on this long weekend, eating turkey and pumpkin pie and at some point acknowledging what you are thankful for.


Being thankful and expressing thanks is important.

Taking the time to consider what we have, and what we have experience plus spending the time to feel the gratitude for it, is something that helps keep me connected to me, my values and my life.


On this weekend of thanks, I was thinking about the importance of us letting others know that you appreciate them or what they have done.

A thanks is a nice start.

Making this more thorough can have deeper impact.

Letting others know that you appreciate them/ what they have done is one thing.  Letting them know how it’s impacted you and why it’s important to you is taking it to the next level.

Several months ago a purchased a package of 40 blank cards.  My want was to weekly send a thank you card to one person that has played a role in my life recently, or at one point, and detail how that has played

a part in reinforcing who I am.  I have placed these blank cards in some strategic places; a couple on my nightstand, two with a note board that travels with me daily, a few on my desk, you get the idea.  Seeing the cards can prompt me to consider who and what I have gratitude for.  Also – they are handy because I’ve put them in spots in which I may have some reflection time and then be inspired to write a note to someone.


Some thank you note prompts to help get you started:

Your actions make me …

Your generosity….

I appreciate when you…

You are special to me because….



Jim Fallon and Oprah are known for taking the time to write thank you notes.

I have two friends in my life who write thank you notes that are like the best dessert I’ve ever had.

I have another friend currently writing a book on the Art of Thanks.


Taking the time to capture your gratitude about another person is a powerful thing. For them, and for you.  Something to consider bringing into your life if you aren’t doing so consistently already. Imagine hearing from another person, how you make their life better.


A detailed thank you, is a life gift.

With love and gratitude

Nance xo

Thanksgiving 2019 – Hardy Lake