I’ve facilitated more on empathy in the last three years than the last 15.  I’ve got a list of guesses on what’s causing this heightened interest.  It might be better said if I wrote “heightened need” versus interest.  Yep. Heightened need.


Our society continues to thin quality/real connections with others through our growing use of technology.  We escape face to face conversations, we miss witnessing the impact of our words and messaging, and we lose the ability to identify emotions in others.  This is impacting all generations.With the younger generations (Generations Y & Z) this impact is massive because many have had little experience in receiving empathy in the all-about-me like upbringing they live in.

I will be blogging more about empathy in 2018.

For now, with the year coming to a close in it’s usual hustle, it’s worth sharing this explanation on how we can approach empathy by THICH NHAT HANH.












Please (re)consider how you are approaching empathy.

How does it serve you?

How does it serve the receiver?

What makes this worth tweaking?


Thanks for pondering with me xo