Working with individuals and corporations to communicate better (what I call Intentional Communication) I spend loads of time helping others develop awareness around listening to and communicating facts and feelings.

Many of us through the years attempt mastery of HIDING feelings; sharing as little as possible about the real stuff and keeping our professional/polite/neutral face on.

In my opinion, this is how we lose.

We lose connecting with others.

We lose connecting with ourselves.

We lose being courageous (because courageousness is being vulnerable).

We lose authenticity.

We lose at life (in my opinion).

This is important for us all to get.


I’m sharing this video to provoke and stir feeling within you.

Please find yourself a place with some privacy (or headphones) to watch this video.

Turn the volume up.

Watch every Mom.

Feel it.

The music helps evoke feelings, no question.

There’s more though.

Without words stating it, you can feel the depth of love, compassion, wholehearted commitment and determination of these Momma Bears.


“Extreme” for some of you? Sure.

Awareness is always a good starting point.

While you watched this video

-Did you allow yourself to feel what these moms were feeling?

-Did you start to feel what they were feeling and then stop yourself?

Now, let’s bring this back to your self awareness:

What depth do you feel at, daily?

How does functioning versus feeling, really feeling, take away from your life?

What will you do to tap back into this? (I say “back into this” because we were all born with it. Simply, x amount of us were explicitly taught & told to show/tell/express less of it since we were young.)

What would it give to your career? Your work environment? Your team?

In case you haven’t told yourself lately, you’re worth it. xo