How many times have you heard or read “pandemic” this month?

I’m not using the word. And you already know what’s going on.


Being a gal who heart beats through being there for people, I’ve had to challenge myself on reshaping what that now looks like. (So far) Here’s what I came up with for what might help you through this process:


1 .This two-minute video details the four phases of change.

What makes this important right now?

It’s not steps.  It’s a process.

Individually, we are all on our own unique COVID-19 experience.  Understanding the “bucket areas” we are going through, helps both identify when we are in them and get through them versus tip-toe around them.


Your teams, your peers, your family and friends.

This insight will help you witness and support anyone going through it.  Knowing the four stages helps me be more anchored when I realize someone is having a “four phases of change moment” and be extra solid with my empathy, listening and heck, being human.  My teenage son had one yesterday that was really tough to witness. Without the knowledge of these steps, I might have jumped at or judged him for his reaction.  Instead, I witnessed it, confirmed (in my own words) what he was saying, and we got through it.  Whew, and thankful I didn’t react.



2. In the last 10 work days I’ve participated in 15+ webinars, sifted through blogs, podcasts and Ted Talks; drinking in consistencies of virtual office tips aligning with my 13 years of remote coaching experience and my successful work from home tactics.  I created as a master checklist to help you with navigation. Take Care of Self Tips– Navigating through COVID -19


You are important.

Working together, getting through this proactively is huge.

You are welcome to to share this with your network to continue building our “working together” chain.

And know I’m part of your village. xo