My concern about the mental health of our society grows as the impact of COVID-19 continues. I recently posted an article from if you’re interested in reading about the suggested four waves of COVID.

Some companies are encouraging Managers to reach out for routine, 1-on-1 virtual check-ins with the WFH employees. Virtual Check-In is a relatively new term that many of us are now hearing daily.

Typically, the term check in is used when referring to someone “confirming arrival to a certain destination they are expected.”  Considering the number of variables individuals are experiencing while processing the impact of COVID-19 while working, I would suggest we’d be guessing at what both arrival and destination “should” look and feel like right now….

In my opinion, corporations and individuals alike, have an opportunity to be proactive now. Have REAL check ins. Have resources available for employees. Know how to ask better questions to create connection, sharing and support through this process.

Here’s are four tips on improving your Virtual Check Ins to get you started.


Lastly, please also check in with yourself.

With love, gratitude and good health,

Nance xo