Gratitude. 150 years of it

Canada has a birthday coming up.

It’s a big one.  150 years big.

And as I think about how fortunate I am to live in a country I have such pride for and love, I think about the importance of feeling gratitude.

For those Canadians reading this – Happy Canada Day!  I call you forth to express your gratitude for where we live, how Canada supports the life you want and breathes the values you cherish.

For those of you outside of Canada – I call you forth to consider what you have gratitude for in your own community, home and country.

If you made a list of what you truly hold gratitude for, what are your top 10? Better question – how do you ensure you “hold the space'”for those 10 things in your life. *These 10 things don’t need to be objects.  Your list, your criterial, your life.


-live it

-breath it

-go broad with it

-go deep with you

-feel it daily.  And bask in the joy gratitude brings.


Gratitude ROCKS.  So does Canada.

Connect with thanks.  It’s wonderful for your mind, soul and spirit energy.


Happy Canada Day!  Happy gratitude xo

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