The first time-management course I participated in was 20ish years ago.  I was working at an amazing company (then called S&MG, now called Mosaic Group) that consistently held in-house courses and seminars to improve employee performance skills.

In this time-management session, adapted from the writings of Stephen Covey, we were asked to consider what we would want written on our tomb stone about who we are.  We were then to reflect on this, compared to how we were living our live, and to capture what the biggest gaps were.  I was 21 at the time.  I remember feeling that I hadn’t had enough life yet to consider my highlights reel would be.


Last night reading Essentialism (by Greg McKeown), a phrase that struck me was, “You can do anything, yet not everything”.


Many of us getting caught running HARD, all day, everyday.  We all understand this leads to burn out.  When you’re during it you can sometimes hear your own inner voice(s) questioning some of your choices.

How are you choosing what you do, daily?

How are you choosing who you are BE-ing daily?

What will it take to make saying no, a good thing for you?

What must you do daily to stay connected to your passion and what you’re great at?

And as I shared in a blog a couple weeks ago, if today was your last, how much regret would you have?


We’re doing this once people, make it count for YOU!