How to Inventory Your Year

For the last several years, at this period of time (with the start of a new year on our heels) I blog about my approach to preparing for what I WANT to have in my life for the year ahead. My family and I call this our WOWs & Wants list.

We sit, the three of us, and decide what our key ‘important we have in our life’ areas are. This year our areas are:

Time with Friends
Time with Family
Fun & Play time
Being Active
School/ Work (Career)
What our home feels like
Doing what we believe in (Values)
Making me be the best me I can be (Personal Growth)

Using this list we create a WOW list, caption things that have happened under each of these areas that have been WOWie to us this year. You can shape the definition of what WOWie means to you. For us, WOWie means important, special, memorable moments that have made the year a great year. An example:
School/ Work (Career):
• Published an International Best Selling book
• Develop new coaching and facilitation legal contracts
• Redesign website (with January 2016 launch date) with a stronger client call to action while getting a better flavour of my offering.

My boys I review each area and record our year of WOWs. Then, we review the same key areas considering what are Wants for the upcoming year are. We record this list and it hangs in our kitchen by our meal table which makes it easy to make notes on and to review it monthly at the dinner table together.

A couple tips for you going through this process:

The WOWs:
• Take your time here. Really reflect on your full year.
• Record what you come up with and acknowledge the work you have put in. Acknowledge you.
The Wants:
• To make a Want happen you need clarity, desire, belief and clear understanding of how to make it happen. Clarity is you being as specific as possible on what you want. Desire is you actually CONNECTING with wanting to make it happen (-if it’s not important to you, you won’t do it). Belief: the actual “I will do this for myself”. The How are the steps or process you need to follow to get there successfully.
• Need help with the Want? Spend time with people who have already got this in their life and are living with. Create an accountability/ support team based on your needs to get to the finish line.
• And here are four questions for you to ask yourself to help with your Want list creation:
1. How & where do you want to stretch yourself in the upcoming year?
2. Who are you becoming that you will OWN this year?
3. What are two things that you will change your approach to that will impact your day to day life?
4. What haven’t I asked you, that you need to ask yourself and then take charge of for 2016?

I love this exercise.
It’s one I look forward to doing throughout the fall. It’s like an inventory of self. And the great news – we’re in charge of our own inventory.

Enjoy your holiday time and know I’ll be back at the keyboard in January 2016 xo

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