On Thursday my boys and I were driving home from visiting friends in Waterloo.  The drive was about 90 minutes and with it being close to the dinner hour we shared a pit stop at the “On Route” off the highway.  We ordered our dinner and once we settled at our table, I left the boys to use the washroom.


I walked into the On Route washroom and the only person in there other than me was the cleaning staff. While washing my hands I thanked her for the job she was doing for all of us.  She, all 4 foot 8 of her, gave me this genuine grin and in broken English explained that she ‘appreciated having a clean washroom when she needed one and it was her pleasure to do it for all of us.’

Yes.  This was her response to me.

I again thanked her and with humility slowly walked back to the table my boys were sitting at.


Without saying a word to my sons, I reached into my jacket (that I had left at the table) & took out my wallet. Taking a $50.00 bill with me, I walked back into the washroom and again approached the cleaning staff, who at the point was just getting off her knees from cleaning behind a toilet.

With tears streaming down my cheeks I attempted to acknowledge to her that she deserved a lot more than the bill I had for her, and I thanked her for the life reminder of all the things to be thankful for.


When I got back to the table, the second time, my boys asked me where I went with the $50.

I explained:

Life is short.

Money is just money.

And gratitude is an opportunity.

We get to be the best we can be EVERY day.

And I had to thank an inspiring woman, for reminding me of just that.


xo This life of ours is a wonderful thing xo