I was recently facilitating a training session with a group of twenty-five employees all from the same company, and part of a large organization. Knowing we’d be working with each other for the full day I started with introductions to’ break the ice’ for the initial connection. Simply – everyone was asked to introduce themselves in 30 seconds or less. Thirty seconds, depending on the situation, is not a lot of time. Here’s a sample of what people shared:

“Hi my name is _________. I’ve been working at _____ for six years in the role of _______. I live in _____ and am the parent of two teenage boys, Sam and Pete.
Hello. My name is _____. I’m a National Account Manager and have been in this role for 5 months. I transferred from the Vancouver office and so far so good.”
Is this similar to what you would say if you asked to introduce yourself to a group of people? Take 30 seconds and think about what your introduction would be.

What struck me from my session that day was what wasn’t said. The examples shared above are roles we play in life, important roles. But what we often skip is who we really are. Think about it…who are you really?