May 10th I blogged a book I had recently heard about titled Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.  


I started and finished the book this week.

It was that good.

It’s a book I recommend for anyone.  Literally.

The insights, the how-tos, the connect better as a human being; I feel fortunate to have read it.


I’m not going to “Coles Notes” the book for you.  You need to experience the read to get the individual connections and learning.  I’m simply going to share a couple nuggets in absolutely no order.  Sharing helps me (us) retain what we learn.


  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid? GREAT QUESTION.  Stay here and answer for yourself.  Imagine owning what’s on the other side of that afraid!  Worth spending some time here in my opinion.
  • Consider your level of resilience. What is resilience to you?  What builds it? What takes it away? How do you hold onto it?  I have work to do here…
  • “Normalizing Struggle”. A growth mindset is one that understands that we learn from failing.  Instead of “I suck at tennis”, a better approach is “Tennis pushes me mentally like no other sport ever has. I can literally feel the brain challenge while it’s happening.”.    I need to work on the consistency of this “normalizing”.  Embracing it versus pushing back would also be useful (and help with my sanity… ;0) )
  • Psychologist Martin Seligman’s 3 Ps that can stunt recovery:

Personalization – the belief that I am at fault i.e. It’s my fault this is awful

Pervasiveness – the belief that an event will affect all areas of our life i.e. my whole is awful

Permanence – The belief that this feeling/reaction will last forever i.e. it’s always going to be awful

REALLY consider these.  My guess is that you may apply certain stunting reactions to specific types of situations.  Another guess (yes, these guesses are coming from my life experiences lol!) is that you may do one of these more than the other two.  Figure this habit out and make some change for yourself.  I literally caught myself on this 3P ride today. TODAY!  Watch for it. Learn how to call yourself forth when you do it.  Do better.

This book is about Real Life Stuff.  There is so much you can do with what’s Sheryl and Adam have written because of how they have shared the content.  I truly believe this read will better your life.