Hi all!

Two things – intertwined and important:

One – If you follow me on Linked In you have seen my recent posts about Wave 4 COVID-19.  This refers to the psychological trauma, mental illness, economic injury and burnout that will be impacting our society. I’m beginning to see this in clients now.  An example: initially clients saw COVID as a sprint and just “went for it”.  Now, as we realise it’s more of an Iron Man than a 200 meter dash; cadence is needed for the length of the race, a shift of our mental mindset is key and different planning (energy food, a better sports bra, lots of fluids) to name some examples.  Many of us could do a sprint without much preparation. It might not be pretty, yet we could do it.  An Ironman is not the same.  And people employees human beings, are beginning to collapse along the race route. Employers, leaders and peers need to take pro-active steps now to fully support each other to get through this.

Monitor yourself.

Observe how other are doing.

Ask connecting + feeling questions to dive deeper on how people really are.

Consider how to be there for each other, through this never practised for experience.


Two – I have shared that in the first few weeks of self-isolation and social distancing through COVID -19, the Kids Health Phone (for youth mental health support) call volume went up over 300%.

2/3 of all teens surveyed shared that they don’t have an adult in their life who they can talk to.

Yes, that should scare the crap out of us right now.

1 in 7 young Canadians report having suicidal thoughts and annually 150,000 will act on these thoughts, attempting suicide.

Jack.Org is Canada’s ONLY charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health.

My initial goal for 2020 was to raise $5000.00 for Jack.Org through the Jack.Ride.

$5000.00 isn’t enough.

My goal is $10,000.00.

Effective today, April 29th, if you donate $250 I will stilt, tap dance or do a tennis trick on my driveway and send you the recording.  AND you are automatically entered in a draw to win a 60×60 inch blanket I spent 30 hours knitting.  (tall girls need big blankets)

Jack.org needs our help.

And this is one of my approaches for helping.


Take care of you.

Take care of your village.



**Any & all donations are appreciated, THANK YOU!**

**When donating $250 or more thru the Jack.Rid link provided above, your email is sent to me, and on May 23rd I will send my “Driveway Extravaganza” recording to you**