Practise Daily Gratitude & Forgiveness

Sounds easy enough: Practise daily gratitude & forgiveness

Yet are you consciously doing it?  If yes Ta-DA to you!

If no, this blog is for you.


Let’s start with gratitude.  I now practise gratitude in a couple ways (and please use the comment section of this blog to share other ideas with me to try out).

-When I wake in the morning I start with some full breaths.  Once I’ve connected with “okay, I’m awake” I consider three things about myself I have gratitude for.  I aim for these three things to be from the last 24 hours.  This is a new practise for me.  I started doing this through working with a coach who is helping me with mindfulness.  I am good at gratitude for others, I need to work on it for myself.

-On my early morning workouts, I share my gratitude.  Literally I will say out loud “I have gratitude for____” and I cover everything that comes to me.  I love doing this when I’m outside running.  When I’m in the gym lol, my gratitude is a little quieter.  I save it for when I’m doing my plank with a timer. The gratitude statements bring positive to my  (sometimes crushing) plank ‘experience’.

-When I feel, and see things in and from others, I practise acknowledging what I see, and thanking them for it.  When I’ve got the ‘right’ work –life blend going on, I’m good at this.  Being connected to me allows me to better connect with others.


Daily forgiveness.

Well first, I’ve learned that I’m not (yet) as good at this one.  This is just as important as gratitude.  I look at it this way:  Would you like to start off or end off your day in a neutral/ positive spot, or a negative one.  Practising daily forgiveness gives me an opportunity on the former.

Before getting out of bed I think of someone to forgive (either in my life currently or from the past) regardless of the size of forgiveness needed.  If it a “big one”, I might bring them up once a week ;0).  I then say their name, and acknowledge what I am forgiving. What you say is up to you.  Me, I like to say mine out loud.  It makes me connect with it well and feels real to me.  I’m also cognizant of how I state my forgiveness.  For example, “I forgive you for being a jerk” isn’t quite the feel I’m going for.  Instead “_____, I forgive you for not having the awareness to consider how your actions may affect me and others”.


Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Two magical things in these great lives of ours.

How will you increase your practise of them both?

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