My 5 year old started playing hockey this year. Driving to his hockey game today, I was smiling (both on the outside & the inside) thinking about his last game – he scored two goals. That’s 3 total for his hockey experience to date. I am acutely aware though, that although I am proud of him & excited for him about the goals, I am more enamoured with his tenacity. Nate’s on the ice as early as 7am for some games and practises. He hadn’t held a stick before September and was just grasping “the walk skate”. He’s falling how many times and without skipping a beat bounces back up and ‘chases’ the puck & his team mates.

I am in awe of his curiosity and ability to learn the sport as quickly as he is. I am wowed by his attitude regardless of how many times he has fallen or missed the puck. And I am thrilled that he is learning the importance of what team means. That’s where my pride comes from. That’s why I am proud of him.

I think Nate feels his own pride for everything I just shared with you. I see it in his eye sparkle and hear it when he replays the experience for me. This got me to thinking about us adults… How often do you really, truly feel pride or proud of yourself? And what do you do to celebrate?

Imagine what allowing yourself to sit & steep in that pride for 30 seconds would give you for the rest of the day. Now imagine a minute (I know, now I’m “talking crazy talk”). We all, individually deserve this skill to do this for ourselves, and the time to enjoy what it gives us. Wonder if you’ll give it a try?