Our Reason for Gratitude Continues…

Last Tuesday I posted a blog on Daily Gratitude and Forgiveness.  Last Wednesday, while reading The Beauty of Discomfort by Amanda Lang, I learned even more reasons to practise both gratitude and forgiveness.  To reinforce what I shared last week, Amanda has reminded me:


-That our mindset dramatically influences how we respond to a situation. “A positive frame of mind makes a negative event easier to bear and ups our level of satisfaction. The key is learning how to change your mindset.”  Reminder:  make practising gratitude a daily habit.


-“To achieve greater happiness in the present, you have to think constructively about the past and optimistically about the future. The key to both exercises is learning to feel gratitude and forgiveness. They are the twin pillars of happiness and are also misery’s one-two punch.”


Both quotes from chapter three of The Beauty of Discomfort.

The chapter is titled The Mindset Factor. 


I share this with you to encourage you to reflect on last week’s blog.

In the last seven days how have you improved your practise of daily gratitude and daily forgiveness?

What else do you need to hear to shift your habit?


Here’s to owning our perspective!

With gratitude

Nance xo

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