Wheel of WOWsNew Year’s Resolutions. We here about them yearly. Some create resolutions & reach them. Some people use the same one from last year, and “don’t quite reach them”. And some skip the New Year Resolution process all together.

Me – I’m not a New Year Resolution gal. Instead – I focus on WOWs & WANTS. Every Dec 31st I make the time to sit with a paper & pen & reflect. I start by recording the WOWs I’ve had from the current year. I record them for all aspects of my life (career, financial situation, family, friends, health, dating-ships, fun, community, travel, etc). It’s a great list to create. A terrific reminder of what’s important to me & what I’ve pulled off. Then I flip the page over, record the date and then list what my WANTS are for the upcoming year. Again – a great reach for myself, keeping me away from “functioning” in my life and focusing on living it :0). I’ve done this for 3 years now.

So…I have two sons. Great, energetic boys who are learning about giving, charity, values and life. This year I wanted to involve them in creating a plan of WANTs for themselves and for us as a family. We sat down this morning & created this ‘Wheel of WANTS’ for our family for 2013. It’s colour coded to who the goal is for. Some apply to all three of us, and some our individual. The areas we agreed to focus on are community, school/ career, money, family, personal growth, health (food), health (activity), home. I had no idea how this was going to go, let alone if they’d sit down long enough to listen to my idea. Then, smartly, I reminded myself that anything was a start & not worry about it.

A couple wow’s for me came out of the experience:

-My son’s goal is to ‘have peace’ in our home (= no yelling). Imagine how many times I will reference that this year!
-They made report card goals, chore jar financial goals and tripled how they want to give back to our community. Without my coaxing. Yep, I’m wow-ed.
-They learned about my goals and why I am focusing on what I am. Without this conversation today, I might not have shared this simply because it might not have seem important.
-They asked to make a second chart, specific to saving money!

We don’t know unless we try. Imagine if you learned how to set goals when you were 6 or 8 years of age. Wonder where you’d be with your Resolutions today.

Family rocks. Create yours. Make yours what you want it to be. Today I got a glimpse of what my boys want it to be. The boys taped it to one of our kitchen walls to keep us to it. And knowing that one item on the list was “more fun” I gotta go get my snow stuff on for tobogganing. Happy 2013 everyone! Mine is going to be spectacular.

With gratitude,
Nance xo