A good friend taught me to “Talk about issues before they are issues” with my kids.  She said to bring things up early on, and make it open for conversation.  Then when they are actually faced with the situation, it will be familiar territory.


This “pre-talk” might include talking through expectations, prepare them for disappointments, and bring up change before they face the change.  (It’s a lot easier prepare them to be a teen when they are 11 than when they are 14.  Better to discuss sex stuff before they are actually drowning in hormones.)  Open that communication door wide and it will likely stay open well into their teenage years.  And far beyond.


Why am I sharing this parenting tip with you?

1 – you might have kids and it’s a smart approach in my opinion.

2 – this wisdom is applicable to LOTS of life situations.  It’s a great approach for employee relations, teams, relationships, family-ships.


Example questions to start the conversation:


  • In this situation (name it), what would be the best way to handle it?
  • If this ______, what do we do? What’s the best course of action?
  • How would _____impact you/the team/ our customers/etc?
  • What needs to be in place for this to go the way you want?

That’s four questions.  A great starting point.



Have conversations early and often.

Explore situations.

Talk about expectations, impact and consequences.

Discuss emotions that could come up.


Paraphrase what you hear them say.



Your turn :0)