“The Nine Key Factors that can Make a REAL difference”

A special friend of mine at a lunch in September spoke about a book called Radical Remission. He shared with me that the author, Kelly A. Turner, was driven to interview patients that were told they terminal cancer, and survived, to learn directly from them what the heck were the factors involved (in their opinion) that saved their lives. Ms. Kelly interviewed over 1000 patients, finding 75 factors, 9 of which became “The Nine Key Factors that can Make a REAL difference”, and therefore 9 key chapters of her book.

I am a Presence Advocate. I help people bring real (back) into their lives. Kelly’s mission to reach readers with her Radical Remissions factors intrigued me because my guess was that these insights were not just made for cancer patients. And my guess was right.

Kelly’s captured insights from her interviews have made me consider/ reconsider how I make choices (like products I am buying, food I am eating, medical support I am seeking), what I accept as “a good enough result/ answer”, and her insight has given me perspective on other ways I will challenge myself to look for options when in a situation.

Kelly’s book is yours to read. They are her (and her interviewees) nine factors to share, not mine.

I share her book details with you today with the suggestion for you to consider where you can be looking to other sources to challenge you to think of other ways, options and insights for yourself, to have the best life for you possible.

Lucky us with this life of ours xooxo

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