Today is December 20th.  With three family member birthdays in December, mine included, plus the regular December Holiday sprint, the focus of what the holidays are about (and what the month can be) can be lost. I realised this Sunday that December wasn’t quite feeling the way I like it feel.  I am glad to have caught this December 17th versus December 26th.


I’m sharing this today in case you are getting caught up in your own self-made whirlwind of December.  We have a couple days left people; what can you shift/change/say no to, to make the last 5 days feel more like the spirit of the month versus “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I must!”.


For me, I’ve taking 7 things off the “must-do” list.  Appears they weren’t Musts.

I’ve said no to an event on the 23rd and declined another.

I’ve shifted my calendar to make sure the workouts happen this week.


And the real important one to me – I’m skipping the evening email catch up window to sit nightly with my boys to work on a Christmas puzzle.  A puzzle you say?  Yep.  Because when we sit and work on our puzzle (an annual tradition) we talk.  The puzzle space somehow creates this special sharing place for us. We are present with each other. We are present for ourselves.  The conversations can be goofy. The conversations can be rich.  Last night they were both.


We were late this month making the puzzle a priority.

I am so glad I caught this now, versus building regret about it the final lead-up days to December 25th.

Last night’s conversation was one I will remember for a long time.


In the next 5 days, what can you adjust for yourself, to make the build to the holidays feel better for you?  Take charge.  This is for you. xo