Three Tips to be Better at Empathy

Oct 31st I shared a pod cast with Dorothy Dalton, a dynamo (and CEO) of 3Plus International Ltd.  Our focus of discussion was Empathy and how to better at it.

Here’s the podcast if you’re looking to reignite your Empathy ability:

How to Cultivate Empathy in the Workplace


Ironically I’m currently reading Reclaiming Conversations: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle.  I’m 42 pages in to the reinforcing read of just how much we are losing by not having face-to-face conversations.  Empathy is definitely a skill that people are losing and or using less of every day.  The author early on shares that in the past 20 years (with the past 10 years playing a dominate role) a 40% decline in the markers of Empathy in College students – linked by researchers to the new presence of digital communication.  The book has captured my attention and, so far, is one I’d recommend.


We’re human beings.

Connection fuels us.

I urge you to access yourself every day, on your technology use.  Ask yourself – what it is giving you and what you are allowing it to take away.

Take care of you.

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