When some doesn’t “get it” whose fault is it?

Is it person A for not understanding OR person B for how they are explaining it?


How about instead of fault, we figure out our role in improving the situation.

Here are a couple questions you can ask yourself through the process.


What’s more important to me: the relationship or my way of seeing/doing things?

How is my response to person A impacting the situation (i.e. am I creating a healthy and neutral atmosphere for us to share a solid dialogue in)?

If person A doesn’t budge, what is my role to overcome either of our differences or the situation?


Different viewpoints, likes/dislikes, perspectives and ways of doing things we can learn from if a mutual respect is held to honour the differences to make our relationship better.  Forcing change typically doesn’t work for long term success.  Worth considering what the relationship is worth for you both.

Things to consider xo

Image Source: Odyssey – Why do people want to be in a relationship so badly