Well Happy 2020!


I will keep this brief ;0)


If you’re looking for my annual “Take on the Year” approach, here’s my Dec 18, 2019 blog. 


If you’d like a couple questions to consider for yourself, here’s what I reflected on yesterday:


Question 1 – What activity makes you lose track of time?

Pause.  Respect yourself.  Answer the question fully. 

Now read question two.


Question 2 – What activity allows you to be yourself?

Stay here.  Breath. Answer the question. 

Go deeper if you’re skimming.


Question 3 – How will you fit this into the schedule (that YOU control) so you have more full moments.

No point on answering the first two questions (creating awareness) if you do nothing with the knowledge (move to action).  Time to move from neutral, to drive!


Chose a challenge:

-Time block windows in your calendar, right now, for your answers to questions 1 & 2.

-Contact 3 people who will call you on your excuses and tell them a) your plan and b) their role in holding you to it.

Email me your plan  AND three EST time slots that work for you January 14, 16 or 17, for us to share a 15 minute coaching call on your progress and what makes this important to you.


You’re worth it.  Make life happen xo