I got back from Mexico late Sunday night, a terrific four-day getaway with some girlfriends.  Typically, on a beach vacation I start the day with a run along the shore line.  I also love to have a couple beach walks a day.


Walking the beach with my friends Friday morning – when we saw litter, we picked it up.  About 10 pieces of garbage “in”, we found a plastic bag and used that to collect the trash in.


When you’re seeing enough garbage you need a bin to carry it back in, it creates a full range of emotions within me. I feel crummy and heavy in my heart, overwhelmed by the thoughtlessness and waste. I feel guilty about walking by it versus picking it up and sad that we’re treating our earth this way.


The girls and I picked up two containers of trash Friday. On my beach walk later that day, a woman ahead of me was walking with a large white bin on her hip.  As I caught up with her, I realised she was collecting garbage like we had.  She had filled a bin every day she was there. Joy, visiting from Victoria B.C. called what she was doing, PLULKING. Picking-Litter-Up while Walking.  A new acronym for me that I will use from here on in.

I walked with Joy picking up garbage for an hour.

Joy was leaving for home the next morning so she “tagged me”, meaning she gave me her garbage collection bin with the ask of me passing it forward when I left Mexico.


Crazy what washes onto the shore…

A couple neat things to share with you:



-We picked up 13 bins of garbage in 72ish hours we were in Mexico

-EVERY hotel employee who saw us in action literally came over to thank us for what we were doing, and acknowledged what it meant to them

-The hotel, The Royalton Riveria Cancun has a Green Team – a group of employees who every week for 2 hours pick garbage off the beach.

About half of the garbage collected

-Since my boys were big enough to participate we have picked up garbage on our walks.

-May 11thwe’re in an organized community garbage clean up that I’ve organized.  It has taken minimal time to organize and the city has donated the gloves, recycle & garbage bags.


I walk most days.

My new plan on my walk:  I must pick up 10 pieces of garbage every walk.

PLULKING. Picking-Litter-Up Walking


Please consider what you can do, to make a difference.

With love & gratitude

Nance xo


Here are some organizations to support you creating a PLULKING initiative:

Pick up Three Pieces

Take Three for the Sea 

Doing Good Together

One Piece of Trash

Road Trash Warriors

Litter Project

Oceans Conservancy