Through reading one of Brene Brown’s books, she taught me something about “my best” that I taught a girlfriend today. Through sharing it with my friend, and her response, my heart suggested it was worth sharing with you.

I’d love to tell you which of Brene’s books I learned this from yet, when you have read them all and could benefit from reading them all again, remembering the title you learned the nugget from isn’t always the priority ;0)!


Back to the learning:  Your Best.

Here’s my attempt to explain what Brene gifted to me.

Everyday, we are all doing our best.

Some days, my best may be a 5/10, compared to another day’s 9/10.  What’s key here is to not rate them (I did that for you, so you could follow along).  Instead, it’s about accepting that some days, actually everyday, you are giving everything you’ve got.

Let me explain this using, surprise, my tennis game.

Last Thursday I had two tennis matches.  Thursday morning, I was ON!  I owned my shots, I was moving well, and I was watching the ball.  WOW was I thrilled!  That was my best, for that moment, in the moment. That night I played again.  I was inconsistent, I was wobbling in and out of my head thoughts, and my follow through wasn’t there. And yet that was my best, in that moment.

Learning to not beat ourselves up is REALLY important.  And beating ourselves up will most times just make a situation worse AND last longer. Ugh.

Instead.  Take a breath.  Acknowledge where you’re at.  Ask yourself, is this your best right now in this moment.  If it is, own it.  If it’s not, quick shift and make it happen.

Our best is different things on different days in different moments.

Also – key for you to remember that the person you’re communicating with is also doing their best.  Their best might not be even close to your best however

1 -It’s their best

2 -Who put us in charge of measuring other people’s best?

3 -When the measuring of other people’s best (aka expectations) is let go of (by us), life gets a whole lot easier.

Reread points 2 & 3 until it has sunk in that yes, sometimes you do this, and it’s not helpful to those around you.


To recap:  We are all doing our best, everyday.  Somedays my best makes me look and feel like an Olympian.  Other days my best is “just enough” to  look like I was lucky to get the participation ribbon lol.    This is life.  Some days are like that.  Release the pressure valve and accept that today’s best is _________.

Own your greatness people!

With love and gratitude

Nance x