Worthy.  Worthiness.

Such great words.


I was recently visiting a high school friend.  She’s a gal who just “says it straight”.  We were covering lots of topics as we often do and one of our many subjects led her to  blurting “You didn’t think you were worthy, in high school.” She’s right. I wouldn’t have known that at the time, yet I knew I didn’t feel solid inside.  And yes, blog readers, it was the teen years; I get that many of us weren’t standing on solid ground yet ;0). I also get that this wasn’t just a high school/ teenage thing.  There were specific areas in my life that I didn’t feel worth.


Nowadays, for the most part, I am swimming in my worthiness.

And some days or specific situations, it can feel like it’s be sucked right out of me.


After hearing my friend’s comment, it has me thinking about my own anchoring of worthiness and what can loosen it within me.  Useful for us all to consider – US the humans ;0)


First, I referenced Wikipedia to officially read that Worthiness means:

  • The quality of being good enough; suitability

  • The quality of deserving attention or respect


I then flipped the definition into some questions:

  • What does being good enough look and feel like? When you have it, how do you hold onto it?

  • How does one become deserving of attention or respect?

These questions gave me LOTS of insight on where I now needed to develop “it” for specific situations, make it more consistent for myself and know how to flag it before I start going below my “worthiness” bar.



We oversee our worthiness. That means you. And NO ONE else.

We make the call on whether we are good enough.

We chose to respond or react to what others say or do.

We repeat the negative inner voice dialogue that we have created for ourselves and (oddly) chose to hang on to.


Know your “less worthy” self-triggers.

i.e. networking events, job promotions, speaking up in a meeting with a point different than typical, trying something new, standing up for yourself, etc

-Plan, how to handle this when in happens (watch my 3 Ps video to help you here)

-Practise ‘standing in’ your answers to my flipped questions (above)

-Create what “owning worthiness” means to you, and step in.



An amazing word. An even more amazing feeling.

Happy Wednesday! xo