The current, global health situation has many of us learning new things.


I had three clients start new jobs on Monday.

Many of you are learning how to work virtual versus being in an office environment.

Many of you are attempting some form of home schooling.


When one is teaching another something, if a process is followed, it can make the learning curve smoother, the situation feel more objective/less vulnerable, and helps us to be thorough.

I thought it would be useful to introduce the Training Cycle Model, for us learning new things.

Step 1 – Explanation: The person teaching the tactic/skill describes the objective or reason why this is being taught and how it will be useful to the learning.  They may detail the process and the timing. The trainer then confirms with the learner that they are in agreement with moving forward and bought in on the flow of how to explore the skill/tactic.

Step 2 – Demonstration: The trainer completes the skill/tactic from start to finish, providing insight along the way.  The learner asks questions for clarity.

Step 3 – Trial:  The learner completes the skill/tactic from start to finish, with the trainer available to encourage or provide slight nudges of direction along the way.

Step 4 – Critique: The trainer & learner objectively share feedback on what the learner did well & what they could do differently or better. Voila!

Seem straight forward? My guess is yes.

Do you consistently do this every time you are teaching something? My guess is no.


Consider this:

Every session I facilitate, we get clear on the explanation & purpose of the day.  If we haven’t agreed on the end result, imagine the potential disconnect of expectations at the end of the session.

If you can’t demo it fully & easily, are you the right person to be role modelling the skill for others?

If they don’t try the skill in front of you to receive feedback, how will either of you know it’s been done properly and well?

Every tennis practise & every tennis game I play I ask myself “what did I do well & what could I do differently or better. Imagine what this self-reflection could do for all of us, in our daily interactions.  A reminder – accurate self-awareness is the heart of Emotional Intelligence.

Over to you to practise.

Wishing everyone good health, patience and kindness to yourself & others as we figure our currently way of life out, together xo