As I shared in my last blog, I’ve been reading Michelle Obama’s book Becoming.

In the Becoming Us section of the book (page 226) Michelle is reflecting on Barack’s consideration of running for President of the United States.  While sifting through this in her mind, she asks herself three questions of her 17-year relationship with Barack.


Who are we?

What matters to us?

What can we do?


Beautiful, anchoring questions to your value system.

These questions could be considered with your work team, your family unit, your partnership, or of yourself.

First – What are your answers for these questions when things are running “tickity-boo”?

Next – How are you owning (showing up like this) your answers  daily, in life?  How clear are these values in your actions?

And finally – When things go a little lopsided, as they can sometimes in life, how do you use these answers to keep your surf board balanced?


Great questions to keep us value focused.

Your questions to use and enjoy xo