Jul 2 2019

Reaching the Next Level

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

Today’s blog is about parenting “the next level”. In my opinion this can also be directly applied to your approach to developing the next level employees. The reason I am sharing this is to challenge you on what you consider to teach/ coach/critique at various levels of skill. The blog speaks to both the parenting

Jun 5 2019

What You Can Control

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals

Thursday May 30th.  The first game of the NBA finals, Toronto Raptors versus Golden State, on home turf.  I was downtown Toronto for the energizing evening and amazing team win.  I also came home without my iPhone…   Yes, everything was backed up with iCloud No, my phone was not found. No lol, the what

May 27 2019

Humility, Generous Hearts and a Common Goal

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals

I’ve sat down four times to write this, and am still tripping over emotion to “properly” express what I am feeling. You knowing me, wouldn’t expect proper, just from the heart and the hip, so here it goes…   My guess is that I’ve been at over 50 starting lines through the years.  50 races,

May 22 2019

Four Steps to Apologizing

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals

Whether you screw something up with work, miscommunicate timing to a client, lose it with you child or forget to do what you said you would do with a partner – Do you apologize? Is it a “real apology” or just a quick “sorry about that”?   What’s the difference? It’s a BIG difference.  Let’s