May 12 2020

What Will Matter

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This quote from Michael Josephson is pinned to my fridge door. Every morning I read it out loud, before I get to open the fridge to get the water container. You’ll figure out what makes it important to me, once you’ve read it. And with the atypical swirl in our lives right now – the

Apr 28 2020

Please read: Your Health First

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Hi all! Two things – intertwined and important: One – If you follow me on Linked In you have seen my recent posts about Wave 4 COVID-19.  This refers to the psychological trauma, mental illness, economic injury and burnout that will be impacting our society. I’m beginning to see this in clients now.  An example:

Apr 22 2020

Four Tips to Improving Virtual Check Ins

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

My concern about the mental health of our society grows as the impact of COVID-19 continues. I recently posted an article from if you’re interested in reading about the suggested four waves of COVID. Some companies are encouraging Managers to reach out for routine, 1-on-1 virtual check-ins with the WFH employees. Virtual Check-In is

Apr 7 2020

A Daily Ritual that’s helping me Handle COVID.

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At the library before a recent trip, I picked up the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. You need to hear about this book.  Today.   If you’re in my village, you know I’m a pretty motivated, make things happen type of gal.  I’m consistent with my workouts, I create and execute goals, and