Jan 21 2020

5 Keys to Improving your Leadership

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

In a leadership role? Looking to improve as a leader? Here’s a must watch, four-minute video. Right now. In this insightful and succinct Kellogg Insight video,  speaker, Carter Cast shares the five key derailers that impact the progress of you and your team members.  My suggestion is that you have a pen and paper to make a list

Jan 7 2020

Three Core Tips to “More Happy”

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

You know one of those moments when the right thing comes along?   A year and a half ago I read The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. I picked up Neil’s book and I devoured it. Right book at the right time. Love that ;0) I was ready for some new habits as well as

Dec 31 2019

Two Great Questions

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Well Happy 2020!   I will keep this brief ;0)   If you’re looking for my annual “Take on the Year” approach, here’s my Dec 18, 2019 blog.    If you’d like a couple questions to consider for yourself, here’s what I reflected on yesterday:   Question 1 – What activity makes you lose track

Dec 18 2019

Our Annual End-of-Year WOWs &WANTs Wrap Up

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Good Morning! Following my tradition since 2013, this is my last blog of the year and it’s about capturing what’s been done this year and what’s ahead. I call this approach my WOWs and Wants. For those of you who have been on my reader list from the start – I know this is now

Dec 10 2019

Making Christmas what you want it to be

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Struggling with the commercialism of Christmas? Wondering when the “magical moments and quality time with special people” begins.   Last November I read The White Envelope story and it challenged me to make additional changes to our family time and traditions at Christmas. This year the boys have both made a white envelope so Christmas