Whoosh! My guess is that you’ve had some realizations in the last two weeks through spending the time exploring the roots to your answers. Exploring is a good place to be, good on you.

The notes you made, the work you’ve done, the stuff that has come up in your mind or your heart, the questions you’ve answered, the a-ha moment you had…you now get to chose if/how to hold onto this.

You’ve spent two weeks completing part 1 & 2 of this exercise. What are you going to do with it? Habits take some time to form. And they take more time to form if you first have to unwind the current habit that you’re looking to replace with this new one.

A couple ideas on how to keep this your focus, from both me and some readers who have emailed me to share how they are working on bringing real to their individual lives:
• Hang your stick it notes around your bathroom mirror so you can begin reinforcing the qualities that matter to you. Read them every time you look in the mirror, literally. (brushing your teeth, checking your outfit out in the morning, etc). AND read them out loud. You want to be these things you need to hear the words in your head. And your voice saying them.
• Bring breathing back to your life. You want to be more present and breathing can bring you into the moment. Set your watch, microwave or tech device timer to remind you every couple hours to take 10-20 deep breaths. While completing these breaths, clear your mind of the whirling stuff and center on the clearing feeling.
• Ask yourself, what’s here for me right now? What here in this moment? Stay here until you connect with the present space. Enjoy it.
• Reread your answers from part 1 & 2 each morning. Start your day clear on both who and what you will be today.

Wherever you chose to focus on – create a specific, hold myself to it plan.

Yours to have.
Yours to enjoy.
Happy Monday xo