May 19 2020

Important Conversations

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals, Self Help

Take a moment to consider what have been some of the most important conversations of your life.   Who were they with?   What were they about?   How did you behave during  the conversations because they were important?   Reflecting on your answers, what’s here for you to play with?   Last night I

Apr 22 2020

Four Tips to Improving Virtual Check Ins

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

My concern about the mental health of our society grows as the impact of COVID-19 continues. I recently posted an article from if you’re interested in reading about the suggested four waves of COVID. Some companies are encouraging Managers to reach out for routine, 1-on-1 virtual check-ins with the WFH employees. Virtual Check-In is

Mar 18 2020

The Skill of Silence, Part 2

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Last Wednesday I shared a blog with you about learning how to find ease in being in silence with someone. After your week of practising this skill, here’s a wonderful video that illustrates the power of silence.  Amazing what can be communicated without words. marina abramovic video of silence Keep practising. Silence is worth it.

Mar 11 2020

What Silence Can Give You and Others

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

One of the skills I facilitate is how to develop the ability to listen better. When it was taught to me I learned of three levels.  Nothing tricky in the naming; simply level 1, level 2 and level 3. They are MANY reasons for improving one’s listening ability. One is that is will help you