Mar 18 2020

The Skill of Silence, Part 2

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Last Wednesday I shared a blog with you about learning how to find ease in being in silence with someone. After your week of practising this skill, here’s a wonderful video that illustrates the power of silence.  Amazing what can be communicated without words. marina abramovic video of silence Keep practising. Silence is worth it.

Mar 11 2020

What Silence Can Give You and Others

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

One of the skills I facilitate is how to develop the ability to listen better. When it was taught to me I learned of three levels.  Nothing tricky in the naming; simply level 1, level 2 and level 3. They are MANY reasons for improving one’s listening ability. One is that is will help you

Feb 4 2020

Make Asking for Help Easier

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals, Self Help

My son has an IEP at school.  Basically, it gives him an option to ask for flexibility in the classroom, specific to a certain skill area that he’s atypical at.  He’s had this IDP for 6 years because of some private testing done to figure things out, when he was in early elementary.  To date,

Jan 21 2020

5 Keys to Improving your Leadership

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

In a leadership role? Looking to improve as a leader? Here’s a must watch, four-minute video. Right now. In this insightful and succinct Kellogg Insight video,  speaker, Carter Cast shares the five key derailers that impact the progress of you and your team members.  My suggestion is that you have a pen and paper to make a list

Jan 7 2020

Three Core Tips to “More Happy”

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

You know one of those moments when the right thing comes along?   A year and a half ago I read The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. I picked up Neil’s book and I devoured it. Right book at the right time. Love that ;0) I was ready for some new habits as well as