I received a quote via an elephant journal blogging friend yesterday. It read, “Change what you can’t accept”. YOWser.

YOWser because I needed that reminder.

I was getting stuck on something and instead of approaching it different I was going the Einstein Insanity route (aka doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results).

The start of going cookoo...
The start of going cookoo…

Why do we do this? A whole bunch of cookoo reasons.

What was causing ME to do this specific to this situation? A couple things:

1. Hope (yet as General Colin Powell & Anderson Cooper say “Hope is not a plan”)
2. I expect more from this person (MmmmHmmm…and whose expectations would those be? They would be mine. Have I communicated them clearly? Have they been agreed to? Or are they waiting behind curtain #3 with the hope that they will be unveiled and embraced at any given moment?)
3. Emotion. (need I say more here lol?!)

I just put a stick-in note in front of my bathroom light switch. I have put a second one on my iPhone and a third one on my car dashboard. The notes read the same thing:

“Change what you can’t accept.”

Every time I see the stick-it notes I will read the sentence. At a minimum of 30 flashes a day, it will start to sink in. There will definitely be some deep breaths involved and some in-the-moment calling myself out….using my inner voice lol! Sometimes these things take time. That’s ok. I will get there.

Know what I am working on changing? My perspective. Shifting that. That will get me somewhere.

Where do you need to apply the statement “Change what you can’t accept”?

Consider this.
What’s here for you?
And what are you going to do about it?

There are different ways people shift perspectives and it’s darn handy to know how to. Take the time to reflect on how you’ve done this in a past situation and then write down the actual steps you took. Now you have a starting point for this exercise.

I love how we’re always learning. What’s key though is to learn it the first time around!