Nancy Executive ProfileBusiness communication skills are a huge asset to building a successful business. Study after study confirms the main reason employees quit: their relationship with their manager. Poor manager-employee relationships cost your organization in high turnover, low morale, substandard performance and reduced productivity, which affects your bottom line and your customer’s experience and opinion of your brand. Providing communication training for managers would help alleviate this issue. (* Top 5 Reasons Employees quit)

What’s the problem? Poor business communication skills. It’s mostly unintentional, but creates enough conflict and tension to stall even the most smart, talented and experienced teams. Companies call me when their teams are stalling. They call when they realize that good communication — a so-called soft skill too long undervalued by corporations — is actually essential to corporate success.

I’ve seen how Intentional Communication helps leaders and employees thrive in the workplace and, frankly, in life. Knowing how to ask for help, give feedback and have tough conversations in a way that builds confidence, trust and understanding is both an art and a skill. Sharing this skill with others is my passion because I’ve heard hundreds of individuals and clients tell me how it charged their career and improved their relationships.

I’m not a talking head doing canned lectures: I run highly interactive sessions customized to each company’s learning objectives. Employees are engaged from start to finish because, for 75 per cent of the session, we’re practicing a variety of communication training for managers and improving skills in hands-on exercises. Every person in the room walks away with an action plan for immediately applying their new skills.

Many facilitators can deliver content. I live and breathe what I teach. My expertise, enthusiasm and conviction help people to hear my message. Once people start using what they’ve learned in their interactions at work and at home, they see immediate positive changes and they’re hooked.

When your company is ready for real change and lasting success, let’s talk.