Since 2013 I have sent an annual blog out somewhere between Dec 26- Jan 3rdsharing my tradition of capturing what’s just been done and what’s ahead.  I call this approach my WOWs and Wants. In this, I record my WOWs for the year I’m just finishing up and my WANTs for the year ahead.  I am as specific as possible. In my opinion this is a great tool to apply to your job/career, as well as your personal life.  I also think it’s a great exercise to do with your partner or family.  This year I had a full page of 2018 WOWs written down (big ones, small ones, and all subjective ;0)! ) and only a handful of 2019 Wants. This week I will get clearer on the intention needed for each want, the actions & measures to make it happen and testing out my motivation level to “stick the landing”.

Here’s my Kick off the Year blog from 2015, giving you some ideas on the areas you could consider for this exercise.   Go for it.  You’re worth it.  And this feels (in my opinion) a lot better than the New Year Resolution approach.

Wishing you a year of good health and great people in your life – may that combination bring many wonderful life moments.

With love & gratitude

Nance xo