Different times in our lives we can think to ourselves “If only I had known” or “I wish someone had told me”.  Sometimes the things we wanted to know ahead of time couldn’t have been foreseen, and yet sometimes the insight from others could have been just what we needed.


Some of my examples to help you discover some of your own:

-I remember asking people for one tip through their wedding process, for me to consider preparing ours. The number one thing shared with me was to take moments through the celebration day, to step back and savour what I was experiencing. Kind of like locking the memory in place.


-Some type of pregnancy/expectancy book described that many new mothers don’t feel the ‘pure love’ that you see in movies for their baby in the first moments.  To instead be kind to yourself and remember that you may have a tough labour, rough delivery,  drained and exhausted or some post-partum symptoms that may impact your emotions and feel really confusing.


-I use to travel a fair amount for my job; enough to take me to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji on flight points in my 20s.  When asked about how I made work travel manageable I would share with people my efficiency tips on packing, coding my parking pass so I wouldn’t lose my car at the airport, Loyalty card programs for point collection, and how to take advantage of the travel time for yourself versus feeling like you worked and flew home, period.


Recently, I had my grade 7, 13-year old son read the blog 10 Truths Middle Schoolers Should Know.  As you can imagine, I had him read it because I read it,  I thought to myself “My goodness, this would have been really useful for me to have heard this perspective at this age.”. Since reading it, Nate and I have shared two quality conversations about what changes are going on both around him, and within him.  WOW!


The reason I bring this to our blog this week is because I believe there is a nugget here for all of us.  Here are some ideas on what you could now do with this:


-If you are working in an organization and have anything to do with people or people leadership, what 10 truths do you share with them when joining the organization, to best set them up to become an engaged and productive employee?

-If you’ve taken over a new role, with group of people reporting into you, what things could you share with them about working with/for you, that would make this a smoother transition for all? And what do you need to know from them, to make it reciprocal?

-What truths would be useful for your teen starting high school, university, dating for the first time, or a new job?

-What truths would be insightful if you’re starting a new relationship, health care provider, cleaning service or _________?


We have an opportunity here to connect with others through our own insights, as well as help someone have some additional filters to see a situation through.


Sounds like a bit of a gift to me….


Your truths to give, if you make the time to make it happen. xo